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So,,,,Gaga has released a new breaking as usual video.

Crap music, colourful image, Gaga at her classic. Its a shame how the music is just sooo uncool and cheesy and doesnt get any better, opposite to the image.
Pretty obvious reflection play as we do on our macbooks everyday+rick the zombie guy from the Mugler show. Looks fancy and edgy, but I think she could do better. The whole dancing thing was pretty boring, I noticed she wasnt wearing heels which made her look waaay short,like all of those gogo dancers on the bar. Plus cheesy black leather with chains lingerie.
Crap music, colourful image, Gaga at her classic.

Now let's have a look at what she's bringing to fashion.

Implants! Now,that we all got tattooed and dyed our hair in weird colours for the sake of fashion, we r supposed to insert implants. This will trully extract the chosen-most-fashionable-coolest peeps. I wouldnt say I dislike that, but its a bit scaaary.. The whole fashion thing is turning pretty nasty- anorexic pierced, tattooed, lilac haired smoking chicks with implants and ugly teeth!! And thats what we soon gona c in the magazines and supposed to follow. I dont wana turn into that!!

I personally dislike this whole Kate Moss Uggly Teeth cult. How long will u torture the oldie?Shes about to go on pension,if shes not,she SHOULD! Lara Stone, Georgia Jagger, Alexa Chung,etc....
I understand fashion i proposing to us this strange kinda beauty, proposing that everybody's beautiful in their own way may be,which is a good thing, but this is going toooo far!

Although, I cant disagree that this budda-futuristic glossy rock chick look sympathises me a lot.

As always,ur Unimpressed Marria.xx

Маррия Рослова

04 марта 2011

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