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Tanya Arzhanova
Spring / summer 2012
A creation has a muse. For Tan…ya Arzhanova who is a young fashion designer and was born in Vitebsk (Belorusia) an inspiration for a new collection became Marilyn Monroe whose name is always connected for us with “to be a real woman”.
This collection tells us the history of femininity following by whole-colored peach, blue, white and classical black tones. Once upon a time one intelligent woman said that woman is not born, but rather becomes. And not the last role of this progress got clothes. Tanya Arzhanova`s spring / summer collection is made of Italian fabrics as silk, cotton, Flemish point, silk organza and rayon. Shorts, trousers, blouses, dresses, overalls, corset and cardigan are without the slightest hint of brutality, sculduggery, unisex, because the main character is a woman. And, indeed, the designer`s clothes is as an ode to it. Here She is standing by the window-sill, wore an overall and looking through a camera shyly as Norma Jeane. But, changing it to a white corset she turns into Marilyn.
The collection perfectly combines symmetry with asymmetry, volume and body conscience silhouettes. Due to it the style of clothes is practical and universal. In addition to clothing go massive black beads, bracelets, ear-rings with actress portrait on them and elegant belts. This collection is made for those who want to seem fragile, who is not afraid of being femininity in not female world and who, first of all, wants to be a Woman. Same as Marilyn Monroe was.

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