The Art Sprinter Has Announced Winners of Summer 2013 Season ↓

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Water Mill (August 18, 2013) — The Art Sprinter exhibition and opening reception took place on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at the Water Mill Square Gallery. Thirteen artists from all over the world who were selected by the competition jury as finalists have presented their best pieces for the art critics and Hamptons art lovers.

During the award ceremony, Bravo TV star Amy Laurent has announced three winners of the contest that have received cash prizes.

Third Place of The Art Sprinter contest has received the New York Academy of Art student Zoe Sua Kay for her oil of canvas series united by the name “PBS” (Zoe has received a check for $150). Second Place award went to Los Angeles to the art teacher and artist Peter Walker, who has submitted for the contest pencil on paper portraits of the homeless people bargaining for money on the street (Peter has received a check for $350). The main prize of the contest, First Place award, has received Karen Clardy from South Carolina for her series of the hip-hop celebrities (Karen has received a check for $1,000).

Among finalists of the summer 2013 The Art Sprinter competition season are: Hilary Schmidt (New York), Suzanne Scott (New York), Natan Pernick (Jerusalem, Israel), Ian Healy (New York), Elyse Hradecky (New York), Joseph Cavalieri (New York), Mark Paulda (El Paso, TX), Chris Riggs For Mayor (Miami, FL), Cara De Angelis (Connecticut), and Sarah Hahn (Columbus, OH).

Nicollette Ramirez has curated the exhibition; she was also one of judges for the Art Sprinter competition. Amongst other jurors are Bart Keijsers Koning (co-owner of the LMAKprojects gallery) and Katerina I. Duarte (principal attorney and founder of the Law Office of Katerina I. Duarte).

Among sponsors of the event are The Water Mill Square (shopping complex in Water Mill in the town of Southampton), Honest Tea (Honest Tea brews real organic tea leaves and adds real ingredients to make it Just A Tad Sweet and always Refreshingly Honest), Fabinjection (designer’s and fashion PR house), Green Thumb Organic Farm (certified organic farm located in Water Mill), Hunt & Light (poetry publishing house), Blesk Jewelry (East Hampton based boutique jewelry store), and Jason’s Vineyard (Jamesport based winery).

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The Art Sprinter ( is a juried competition, which takes place four times a year and provides artists from all over the world with opportunity to present their works in New York (spring and fall seasons), Hamptons (summer), and Miami (winter). Three winners of each competition season receive cash prizes. All finalists of the Art Sprinter contest (total of 10 artists each competition season) are being interviewed for The Art Sprinter blog; their art is being widely promoted through social media. The main difference of the contest from many others is that The Art Sprinter judges select winners on the weekly basis, while non-winners are still staying in the pool.

Photographed byVITAL AGIBALOW  Supporting THE ART SPRINTER.